How to prevent hair fall and strengthen with Foliactive

The complete Foliactive treatment helps improve hair condition and promotes natural growth. It combats hair loss from natural ingredients inside the body with the Foliactive Pills and externally directly on the hair by using the Foliactive Spray and Foliactive Laser Comb.

Foliactive Pills®
Pills to prevent hair loss, Foliactive Pills

Improves hair condition
Works from the inside the body
Vasodilator effect
Box of 60 capsules
Length: 1 month


Foliactive Spray®
Spray para la caída del cabello, Foliactive Spray

Regenerate the scalp
New improved formula with vitamins
Reduces dandruff and grease
Contains Keratin
100ml Spray


Laser Comb
Foliactive Laser®

Works in the hair follicles
Stimulates the roots of the hair
Vibratonic® Technology
Improved design
Manual device


Pills + Spray + Comb

Prevention and growth
Strengthening internally and externally
Laser Comb with new design
Box of 60 capsules
Spray 10ml


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The complete Foliactive hair loss treatment consists of 4 products:

The food supplement Foliactive Pills specialize in improving the condition of the hair from inside the body. They prevent hair loss  due to the vasodilator effect of its ingredients which improves the circulation of the capillary zone. This allows more vitamins and minerals to reach hair thus preventing hair loss to enhancing and strengthen hair.

The hair spray Foliactive Spray has improved its formula with Bio-Capigen Veg, a natural state of the art based compound of amino acids and minerals that apart from preventing hair loss, strengthens and shines hair.

The Foliactive Laser Comb has changed its design thereby improving usability. I also uses innovative technological properties to combat hair loss, such as the revolutionary Vibratonic® system.

The Hair Care Guide explains tips and useful methods along with expert recommendations to have the hair you’ve always wanted. Receive it free with your purchase.

Foliactive is a natural treatment for hair loss REGISTERED IN THE EU. Its ingredients are natural and safe, and noted for its high technology.

Why is the Foliactive hair loss treatment so effective?

The new Foliactive system can be used in 3 different ways: pills for hair loss that work internally, along with the spray and laser comb, which work externally.

1 They improve the hair internally

The main Foliactive Pills function works by regenerating the hair naturally thanks to its ingredients. It strengthens and improves the hair and supplying nutrients to combat hair loss. They strengthen the hair follicles and accelerate hair growth.


2 Strengthens hair externally

The two products for external use, Foliactive Spray and Foliactive Laser, stop hair loss by fortifying the hair follicles. They externally stimulate circulation of the scalp that allows all the nutrients to the reach the scalp which the hair needs to grow stronger and healthier.


Thanks to the natural ingredients of the Foliactive Pills, the innovative improved formula of Foliactive Spray and Foliactive Laser, latest technology makes hair strong and prevent hair loss.

All three Foliactive products are designed to complement each other and when used together achieve more effective results.

How does the complete treatment work?

1 | Foliactive Pills

The Foliactive hair loss Pills help prevent and improve the condition of hair thanks to their natural ingredients like zinc or L-Cysteine. Both help cell reproduction of the hair follicles of the scalp.


2 | Foliactive Spray

The Foliactive Spray acts as a natural lotion that strengthens hair thanks to ingredients like sulfur, argentine or keratin. They improve the quality and appearance of the hair.


3 | Foliactive Láser

Meanwhile, the Vibratone® technology and laser effect, stops hair loss by stimulating blood flow so the hair receives the nutrients it needs.


Natural and safe ingredients

The quality of the natural ingredients, both pills and spray Foliactive, strengthens hair and pose no health risk, offering effective results. In addition, Foliactive Spray formula has been improved with the compound Capigen Bio Veg, the ingredients that contribute to fortifying hair.


Zinc Helps hair cell regeneration and hormonal balance thanks to the minerals it provides.
l-cisteina Allows for the increasing of the diameter of the hair strand thus strengthening the hair internally.
hierro Keeps the hair root in perfect condition and helps to promote blood circulation.



Quercetina Stimulates blood circulation in the capillary tissues thus promoting hair growth by opening the hair follicles.
Ganoderma Lucidum Thanks to its antiseptic properties, reduces excess sebaceous (sebum) improving brightness and naturalness of hair.
arginina Serves as a capillary vasodilator which increases blood flow allowing nutrients to the scalp.


Quality certificates

All Foliactive products have different quality certificates showing the reliability of all, and the effectiveness of the product and also their results.

QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS: Foliactive has the following certificates.

FOLIACTIVE PILLS: Has all the necessary legislation to be supported by the European Union.

FOLIACTIVE SPRAY: Has the European certificate that supports its quality.

FOLIACTIVE LASER:It is supported by is also the European Union.

We are so confident of our products that we offer the possibility to TRY THEM FOR 60 DAYS, committing ourselves  TO REIMBURSE THE COST. See legal conditions

All Foliactive products are recommended by health professionals recognized in the treatment of hair loss

The Foliactive products are considered by doctors and experts in the field as one of the main natural alternatives against hair loss. Our product quality is endorsed by written testimonies and signed by experts.


Dra María Inés Mallmann
Dermatology Specialist


Dr. Arana
Dermatology Specialist


Dr. Sapetti
Specialist in Dermatology and Nutrition

Many people have managed to strengthen their hair and prevent hair loss thanks to Foliactive

“From a young age I had problems with hair loss until I discovered Foliactive Pills with which I managed to strengthen hair. Now I lose a lot less and I’m happier than ever. I got rid of my weak hair and stopped my hair loss.”

Mark P.

“I had heard of laser technology to prevent hair loss but had never tried it. So I decided to buy Foliactive Laser and experience the vibration mode laser light to see how they helped my hair. Indeed, my hair is strengthened and is more attached to the scalp. Incredible results “

Joan R.

“My hair had always been very weak and I never knew how to combat hair loss until I found Foliactive Spray and Foliactive Pills. I combined both products and the results were amazing. It was stronger, brighter and less loss in just a few weeks. I recommend it to everyone who has this type of problem. “

Lily L.

Gifts with your Foliactive order
Hair care guide

Thanks to the Hair Care Guide, you’ll receive with the purchase of any of the Foliactive products, you’ll learn the causes and specific care for frequent hair loss and thus learn to eradicate this problem more effectively.
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Professional Tips for Hair Care
Recomendaciones de médicos especialistas
Recommendation by medical specialists
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