Frequently Asked Questions about Foliactive products for hair loss

When purchasing any product always doubts arise therefore here are the frequently asked questions about Foliactive.

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Foliactive Pills and Foliactive Spray

Does the Foliactive treatment really work?

Yes. Both Foliactive Pills and Foliactive Spray are composed of natural ingredients dedicated specifically to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. Its ingredients are specifically dedicated to hair care.

How does the Foliactive treatment work?

Both products are designed to complement each other since Foliactive Pills act internally, while the external Foliactive Spray is applied directly on the hair. Both products are designed to stimulate the scalp and hair becomes stronger. Both block the production of DHT which is what causes hair loss.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. Its composition of herbal extracts with therapeutic characteristics which makes their use completely safe.

How long before noticing results?

Foliactive effects vary depending on the circumstances of each person but most of the time the results are visible within a few weeks. Treatment is always more effective when used as instructed.

Is a prescription needed to purchase Foliactive?

No. Both Foliactive products are natural products which include vitamins and minerals but are not a drug, so it is unnecessary to have a medical prescription to purchase.

Can it be combined with other medicines?

Normally it can be combined with any medication but for safety it is advisable to consult your medical specialist since each person has problems with specific ingredients.

How many Foliactive Pills are needed per day?

Each Foliactive Pills pack contains 60 capsules of which it is necessary to take 2 perday to get the results. It is advisable to take them after meals.

How is the Foliactive Spray applied?

It can be applied to dry or wet hair and it is advisable to supplement it with Foliactive Pills. Keep the bottle vertical and sprayed it onto the areas that have less hair, about 10 cm away. For an intensive treatment, apply 2 times a day, preferably in the morning and at night. For maintenance treatment, apply only once a day.

In which cases is it not recommended to take Foliactive Pills?

It is not recommended to take the pills for hair loss if you during pregnancy and lactation periods or if you have high blood pressure, heart or liver problems. It is not recommended if you are diabetic or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. It is also not recommended if you are taking antidepressants or other medications for emotional or psychological problems.

Is it necessary to be of legal age to take Foliactive Pills?

Yes. You must be of legal age to purchase and consume the product.

What is the new formula of Foliactive Spray?

Foliactive Spray is a composition reformulated with Bio-Capigen Veg compound created from plant-based ingredients, minerals and amino acids that revitalize the hair and prevent hair loss more effectively.

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Foliactive Laser

Does the laser therapy really work?

Yes. Currently there are recent studies that claim that hair benefits from laser treatment to stop hair loss and even hair restoration since phototherapy stimulates hair growth.

How does the Foliactive Laser comb work?

The comb penetrates the hair scalp tissue stimulating and improving blood circulation to the hair follicles. The new Vibratonic® patented technology which provides micro-massage that contributes to also stimulate blood flow which increases the quality of hair.

What makes up the Foliactive Laser technology?

The laser comb is based on low-intensity vibration phototherapy. It stimulates the hair follicles of the scalp by vibration and at the same time provides laser energy therapy effects by using light stimuli.

Does the use of the Foliactive Laser have side effects?

No. It is a safe device that does not cause any side effects but it is necessary to follow the instructions to the letter.

Can Foliactive Laser be combined with other medicines?

In principle yes but it is always best to consult your doctor for safety reasons since each product and each person have specific reactions in a given situation.

How long a time of use each day and each week?

15 minutes per day, 3 times a week is enough.

Is it necessary to be of age to acquire Foliactive Laser?

Yes. You must be of legal age to purchase and use the laser comb.

How to use it?

The correct use of the Foliactive Laser is to draw an imaginary grid on the head using the 4 major regions of the skull so that the laser diodes act on the scalp and distribute it in all 4 regions.

Does the Foliactive Laser cause any pain?

No. It does not cause any pain because the feeling is like when using a normal comb only with small vibrations.

What are the improvements of Foliactive Laser?

It has a new charging system fitted with a USB charger. It also has a much more comfortable carrying case.

It is necessary to seek medical advice for this treatment?

No. But if a customer wants to make sure of its effects they can consult with their regular doctor.

Can it be complimented with other treatments?

Yes. In fact, it is advisable to supplement the laser comb with hair Foliactive pills and Foliactive Spray for the best results.

Once hair is regenerated, can I still continue using the comb?

Yes. The stimulation of the scalp and blood circulation are beneficial to the scalp.

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