Foliactive Laser, laser comb to prevent hair loss

Laser comb with Vibratonic® for hair loss

Foliactive Laser is a laser comb for hair loss that helps stop hair loss by combining laser light with patented technology Vibratonic®. The micro-vibration effect technology massages and stimulates blood flow to the scalp thus improving the quality of hair. Therefore nutrients reach the hair more efficiently to and strengthen it. The laser comb now comes with a new a USB charging connection.

Some of the advantages of the Foliactive Laser are:

Stimulates hair growth
Helps create new hair follicles
Reduces hair loss

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Foliactive Laser Offers


Foliactive Laser.

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24.95 €



Total Hair: Foliactive Laser + Foliactive Pills + Foliactive Spray.

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44.92 €


Foliactive Laser Replacements

Using Laser Foliactive sometimes weakens the teeth of the comb so we also offer the opportunity to obtain the replacement parts needed to change them. We offer different types of prongs necessary for the Foliactive Laser:


Replacements for the laser comb for hair loss.

Before: 74.85 €
Save: 11.22 €

63.63 €



Replacements for the laser comb for hair loss.

Before: 99.80 €
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84.84 €



Replacements for the laser comb for hair loss.

Before: 99.80 €
Save: 14.96 €

84.84 €


Opinions of our clients

What is the Foliactive Laser?

Foliactive Laser is an innovative device created to prevent hair loss naturally thanks to Vibratonic® technology and laser therapy. Its small vibrations act directly on the scalp helping to regenerate hair follicles. I now comes with a new USB charging connection

Technical data

  • Product: Foliactive Laser
  • Properties: Promotes hair growth by laser therapy and patented Vibratonic® technology.
  • Format: Electronic, cosmetic device
  • Vibratone® technology: Is based on a tiny vibration massage effect technology, which stimulates blood circulation.
  • System: Laser therapy with a USB connection
Peine la ser para prevenir la caída del cabello, Foliactive Laser

In a survey of 250 people, Foliactive Laser scored (50 votes, 3,12 out 5)

Price: US$ 193.20
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Hair Care Guide, Gift!

Guía para cuidar el cabelloThanks to the ONLINE Guide to Hair Care you get free with the purchase of any of the Foliactive products, you’ll understand the causes of hair loss and the specific care in order to eradicate the problem in a much more effective way.

How does the Foliactive Laser technology for hair loss work?

Fight hair loss naturally thanks to the combination of laser light and patented technology Vibratonic® which is based on tiny vibrations which improve blood flow to the scalp. Thereby, the nutrients needed by the hair more easily reach the hair follicles. These nutrients are provided by complementary products such as Foliactive Pills or Foliactive Spray so it is advisable to combine these treatments together.

Together, both the micro-vibrations and light rays from the comb, penetrate the skin by increasing blood flow, oxygenating and allowing nutrients to the tissues. The combination of irradiation and massage produce a small temperature rise in the tissues causing vasodilatation and allows nutrients to reach the hair follicles.

The stimulation of the blood in the scalp by the wavelength of light of the laser therapy, improves cell activity which allows more nutrients to reach the scalp thereby increasing growth.

Stops hair loss
Stimulates hair growth
Improves capillary circulation

Results of the Foliactive Laser for hair loss

The results Foliactive Laser are visible after a few weeks of use. When combined with the treatment of pills and spray, its effectiveness is more noticeable and you will see the results obtained in a short time.

Expected results:
  • Les hair loss
  • Stronger hair
  • Shinier hair

Foliactive Laser Technology

The operation of the laser comb is very simple and easy. Now with the new charging mode, it’s much more comfortable.

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Components of the Foliactive Laser

The case of the new Foliactive Laser consists of all the components necessary for the proper functioning of the product.

Laser Comb:

Has a display and two buttons to make it work. The case of the new Foliactive Laser consists of all the components necessary for the proper functioning of the product.

Power adapter:

Now with a USB plug at the top of the comb it makes it more comfortable to use.

Interchangeable combs:

There are two prongs of different firmness; one that is installed, which is soft and another much stronger for replacement.


To store the comb to carry comfortably.

For optimal hair care effects, we recommend the combination of the Foliactive Laser, the food supplement – Foliactive Pills and Foliactive Spray lotion.

Foliactive Laser certificates

All products in the Foliactive brand have different quality certificates showing the reliability of all of them, and the effectiveness of the product and its results.

QUALITY CERTIFICATES: Foliactive has the following certificates.

REGISTERED IN THE EU: The laser meets all necessary European Union regulations.


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