Numerous studies justify the quality and effectiveness of Foliactive hair loss treatment

Foliactive quality products with their natural ingredients, new formulas and innovative technological systems, several products have been studied by experts to check their results.

Here are some of the studies.

Study 1

Effectiveness of Foliactive Laser proven by customers

The Foliactive Laser comb technology, with its micro-vibration system, has been endorsed by our customers, with the following results in a study.
Comb laser treatments improve circulation in the scalp, thereby increasing the supply of nutrients to cells and tissues and strengthening capillaries, slowing hair loss and stimulates hair growth and regeneration.

The results of the study are shown in the following chart:


Study 2

Zinc and hair growth

Zinc is a mineral found in many foods and one of the main ingredients that make up Foliactive Pills. Zinc is an important element in many enzymatic reactions in the human body and the lack thereof, which may lead to a weakening of the hair, rupture and hair loss. Therefore, these natural pills contain an extra dose of zinc to provide strength that the hair needs prevent hair loss.
Besides hair loss, a lack of zinc in the body can cause white spots on nails, scaly skin, acne, slow healing of wounds, among other symptoms. An extra supply of zinc helps to have a stronger immune system.

Study 3


L-cysteine is an amino acid the body that has the ability to create so-called disulfide bonds. These links are directly related to the strength of hair to stay healthy inside the hair follicle. It helps keep hair shiny, has natural properties and therefore the food supplements, Foliactive Pills contains this element.

Study 4

Keratin for hair

Keratin is a protein rich in sulfur which constitutes the outer part of the hair, nails and other tissues. Its consistency depends primarily on the amino acids that compose it.
All hair is composed of a high percentage of keratin (at least 85%) and if this is lost may be regenerated naturally using Foliactive Spray. Keratin provides strength for better growth and regeneration.

Study 5

Vibratonic Technology

The Vibratonic technology used by the Foliactive Laser comb consists of a series of micro-vibrations in the form of a massage that stimulates the blood circulation of the hair follicles so that the needed nutrients and vitamins reach the hair.

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Difference between our program against hair loss and other products in the market

Currently there are different products and brands on the market specifically dedicated to hair loss and strengthening of hair, but the quality and effectiveness of the Foliactive products have been proven. Therefore we present to you the different reasons why it is advisable to purchase our products.

Reason 1

Effective and lasting results

The rapid and proven results accomplished by Foliactive make it the main reason why our clients endorse our brand.

In just a few weeks you will begin to see results using any of the three Foliactive products. Hair loss is reduced and the hair is strengthened gaining a better look.

Reason 2

Customer satisfaction

All customers who have tried any of the Foliactive products, are delighted with the results and this is another reason why the use of Foliactive products to prevent hair loss is recommended .

Reason 3

New improved formulas and technological applications

With continuous research by our experts in related studies of hair loss; reformulating their compositions and ingredients as well as the application of new technologies, make our products the unique on the market.

Reason 4

Recommended by specialists

Dermatologists and specialists on the problem of hair loss always recommend the Foliactive products to combat hair loss and improve hair condition. Its natural properties stimulate blood circulation, allowing the vitamins and minerals needed by hair, reach the hair follicles more easily, thus strengthening hair naturally.

Reason 5

Company guarantees and quality certificates

All our products have significant quality certificates which demonstrate the Importance of them in the market compared to other competing products.
We also offer guarantees to any of the products by endorsing the results.

What other quality guarantees can be offered? Do not hesitate to buy any Foliactive product now to prevent hair loss.

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